W3 Total Cache (W3TC) Settings

We suggest to use W3 Total Cache plugin to speed up your web-site.

General Settings

Page cache – enabled

Minify – enabled (fig. 1)
Important! If you are using Fast Velocity Minify or Autoptimize for CSS/JS optimization, leave the CSS/JS/HTML Minify disbaled in W3TC.

Fig. 1. Minify

Database Cache – disabled
Object Cache – disabled
Browser Cache – enabled
CDN – may leave it disabled
Reverse Proxy – disabled
User experience

  • Lazy Load Images – disabled (theme already has built-in lazyload)
  • Disable Emoji, Disable wp-embed script, Disable jquery-migrate on the front-end- optional (as per your site’s requirement)

Statistics – disabled
Monitoring – disabled

Miscellaneous – enabled
Enable Google Page Speed dashboard widget: Enabled
Verify rewrite rules: enabled

Debug – disabled


Rewrite URL structure – enabled.

HTML minification enabled (fig. 2).

Fig. 2. HTML minify

For advanced users: you can also try enabling “Inline JS minification”, but please make sure your site does not return any JS errors in browser console.

Enable JS minification and leave default settings (fig. 3):

Fig. 3. JS minify

Fig. 3. JS minify

In case of JS errors: you can try enabling “After <body>” and “Before </body>”: “Default (blocking)”.

Enable CSS minification and leave default settings (fig. 4):

Fig. 4. CSS Minify

Browser Cache

Use the settings listed below (fig. 5 – 8):

For the rest of W3TC settings: leave default values.