Fast Velocity Minify Settings

We suggest using Fast Velocity Minify cache plugin to speed up your web-site. You can find its integration under The7 -> Plugins (fig. 1).

Fig.1. Install FVM.

Fig.1. Install FVM.

It is also used on our demo sites. The advised FVM setting are available below.

Global Settings

Purge Minified CSS/JS files instantly – ON.

Fig. 1. Global settings.

Fig. 2. Global settings.

HTML Settings

All settings – ON.

Fig. 2. HTML settings.

Fig. 3. HTML settings.

CSS Settings

Enable CSS Processing – ON.
Merge Fonts and Icons separately – OFF.
Remove “Print” CSS files – ON.
Combine CSS Files – ON.
Disable CSS Files Minification – OFF.
Disable CSS Styles Minification – OFF.
Disable CSS Link Preload – OFF.
Ignore CSS files – none.
Remove CSS Files – none.
Async CSS Files – none.

Fig. 3. CSS settings.

Fig. 4. CSS settings.

Fig. 4. Ignore or remove CSS files.

Fig. 5. Ignore or remove CSS files.

JS Settings

Enable JS ProcessingĀ  – ON.

Combine JS Files – ON.
Disable JS Files Minification – OFF.
Disable JS Inline Minification – OFF.
Disable JS link Preload – OFF.

Fig. 5. JS settings.

Fig. 6. JS settings.

Ignore Script Files:

Render Blocking JS files:

Defer JS Files:

Defer Inline JavaScript – none.
Delay third party scripts until user interaction – none.
Remove JavaScript Scripts – none.

Fig. 6. Manage JS files.

Fig. 7. Manage JS files.

Important: When using SliderRevolution, please add the the following JS files to Ignore Script Files:


Fig. 7. Manage JS files. Slider Revolution case.

Fig. 8. Manage JS files. Slider Revolution case.

CDN Settings

Leave default values.

Fig. 6. CDN Settings.

Fig. 9. CDN Settings.

Cache Location andĀ User Settings – leave default empty values.

And finally, enable Fast Velocity Minify plugin integration.