How to make the theme load faster

1) Install cache plugin.

2) If possible, decrease size of your images.

3) Deactivate needless plugins.

4) Decrease number of items (portfolios, albums, catalogs, photos) per page:


5)If you are using Wordfence Security plugin, deactivate Live Traffic, it extremely slows down sites.

6) Install a image compressing plugin, like you can firstly try to check how they are compressed at

7) Check your server performance with Normal time is 100 – 400 ms.

8) Go to The7 -> MyThe7 -> Settings -> The7 Post Types and Elements and disable all custom post types you don’t use. If you don’t use custom post types at all, please deactivate The7 Elements plugin – it will significantly improve page loading.

9) If possible, upgrade your PHP. The most recent version of The7 is compatible with PHP 7.

10) If back-end works slow, please address try to disable elements you don’t use.