Settings for Autoptimize cache plugin. The7

Autoptimize plugin works perfectly for JS / CSS / HTML minification. The following settings are recommended:

Fig. 1.  Autoptimize JS settings

Fig. 2.  Autoptimize CSS and HTML settings

Fig3. Autoptimize misc setting

Fig4. Autoptimize image setting (add lazy load exclusion class “.lazy-load”)

Please consider that depending on third-party plugins installed to your WP, settings might require appropriate reconfiguration. The default “Exclude scripts from Autoptimize” JS settings are: “js/jquery/jquery.js”.

And for CSS are “wp-content/cache/”

This plugin can be used together with W3TC (it allows to enable gzip compression, configure headers, etc.). In this case, you need to disable “Minify” in W3TC.