Theme remotely de-registered

I see such notification. What should I do?

Such notification is shown when your purchase code is already registered on different domain. Many users develop their websites on development domain, move the website to final domain, and forget to de-register the license from development domain, and register on the final domain.
After the nearest update they are surprised with the notification.
If you face such notification, please visit The7 License management tool, and check if the license key is registered on correct domain.
If no, de-register it, and register on the correct domain in The7->My The7 menu of your website.
The remote de-registration will only happen if the license is active on more than one website.

I have two websites – live, and development. Do I need separate purchase codes for them?

No, you can use the same key for live and staging. You just need to prepare the domain of your development website according to the following scenarios:

  1. The dev site has to be stored within a subdomain or a subfolder of the live site main domain,
    eg and or
  2. If the staging domain extension is .test,
    eg: and mysite.test.
  3. For localhost and,
    eg and in localhost or
  4. If the staging site domain has ‘staging’ in it.

As per Envato license rules, each site needs a separate license. So if you want to use the license on multiple sites, you need to get a separate license for each of them.
You can buy a license here:

Thank you for understanding!