Theme remotely de-registered

You can revise and manage your licenses using The7 License management tool.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused! We have come across some serious license misuses and had to force a strict registration algorithm. The remote de-registration will only happen if the license is active on more than one website.

Now, the staging and dev websites will work with the same license only in case of the following scenarios:

  1. If the dev site is stored within a subdomain or a subfolder of the live site main domain,
    eg and or
  2. If the staging domain extension is .test,
    eg: and mysite.test.
  3. For localhost and,
    eg and in localhost or
  4. If the staging site domain has ‘staging’ in it.

As per Envato license rules, each site needs a separate license. So if you want to use the license on multiple sites, you need to get a separate license for each of them.
You can buy a license here:

Thank you for understanding!