The7 CLI

The7-CLI is the command-line interface for The7 theme. You can manage database and theme cache, as well as adjust theme options without using a web browser.


  1. Make sure WP-CLI is available at your server.
  2. Deactivate Give plugin, if it is activated (this plugin may return PHP notices when using WP-CLI).
  3. Install The7-CLI through The7 -> Plugins. Activate it.

Run The7-CLI

  1. Access your website root folder through SSH interface. For example:
    ssh -p 2222 [email protected]
  2. Enter website folder. For example:
    cd public_html
  3. Refer to The7-CLI help:
    wp help the7It will show you that there are 3 available commands in this tool:
    the7 cache
    the7 db
    the7 option

    Fig. 1. The7-CLI commands

    Fig. 1. The7-CLI commands

Use specific The7-CLI commands

wp the7 db status – Checks if an update is required and whether the database is updating right now.
wp the7 db version – Database version.
wp the7 db tasks – List of tasks announced for the update.
wp the7 db cancel_update – Cancel the update.
wp the7 db update – Run the update.
wp the7 option get – The the value of a specific theme setting. For example: wp the7 option get header-layout.
wp the7 option update – Update specific specific theme option. For example: wp the7 option get header-layout classic.
wp the7 option delete -Update specific specific theme option.
wp the7 cache flush – Empty theme cache.
wp the7 cache flush_css – Regenerate dynamic theme styles.