Bundled plugin’s license

Bundled plugins do not come with a license and do not require activation or registration to use them with the theme. Please read more about it on Envato help center

All bundled plugins can be updated via The7 > Plugins.
If you have problem updating, please remove the plugin, then install it back via The7 > Plugins.

The updates of the bundled plugins can be postponed comparing to official updates. If you wish to access updates immediately after release, please consider purchasing them.

The bundled plugins don’t have access to premium content, such as template libraries, extra add-ons etc. These are reserved by plugins’ authors for their direct clients only.

If you need to access their premium content – templates, add-ons, support from plugin author, and direct updates – you can buy a separate license for the plugins and register it.
In such a case, you will have to delete the bundled version and then install the standalone version.

Plugins’ activation notifications can be disabled by using the following plugin (click). It does not have any settings – you simply need to activate it.