[Resolved] Customization requests and response time

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Probably many of you noticed that for past 2-3 weeks our average response time notably increased. For some older products it frankly sucks! We are upset by this fact no less than you.
After analyzing the situation we came to 2 conclusions:

  • Large amount of sales of The7 WordPress theme proportionally increased the level of support requests. We were not prepared for that.
  • About 50% of support request are customization.

I’d like to elaborate on the last statement. Despite our Support Policy (http://support.dream-theme.com/support-policy/) clearly states that we do not provide customization assistance.. we are actually doing it (:

Now we faced the fact that customization requests not only are 50% of all requests, but they take up to 70% of our support time. This means that users who experiences real issues with our products are not getting their replies in time.

Therefore we are going to temporarily stop processing customization requests.

Thank you so much for understanding!
Miroslav (from Dream-Theme)