Theme auto-update

For theme versions below The7 v.5:

In order to enable theme automatic updates, you’ll need to fill “ThemeForest user name” and “API key” fields in your “WP-admin > Theme Options > Theme Update”.

To generate new API key, please follow these steps( Fig. 1):

  1. Login to your ThemeForest account.
  2. Switch to “My Settings” tab.
  3. In the menu on the left of the page, click “API Keys”.
  4. Generate new or use existing API key.

Please consider that Item Purchase Code and API Key are not one and the same.

Fig. 1 Generate API Key

Fig. 1 Generate API Key

Fig. 2. Enter API Key to Theme Options

Fig. 2. Enter API Key to Theme Options

IMPORTANT! Theme auto update will not work if you are using a child theme. Please switch to parent theme, update it and activate the child theme back again.

Also, please make sure you do not confuse secret API key with an Item Purchase Code.

If this approach does not work, please address to this article or try here for Manual update.