How to configure Twitter widget

Due to Twitter API changes, we suggest you to try using Recent Tweets Widget [automatically loaded for PressCore and The7 themes].

1. Follow and login.

2. Enter Application Name, Description and your website address:


3. Fill-in the captcha and create Twitter application:


4. Choose your new application at

5. Create access token:


6. Copy Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Acess token and Access Token Secret fields and paste them into the appropriate fields of the widget:



If it doesn’t work:

Please make sure you have the latest theme version installed.
Then, we would like to ask you to follow the steps below:
– make sure your profile is visible for the Twitter search: Check it!
– check whether your profile can be found by the Twitter search: Twitter Search
– make sure your server configuration is not blocking external file access. It should have allow_url_fopen = ON